Chester Morris

Born:  February 16, 1901, New York City, New York.


1917:  An Amateur Orphan

1918:  The Beloved Traitor

1923:  Loyal Lives

1925:  The Road To Yesterday

1929:  Alibi  (Oscar Nomination: Best Actor), Fast Life, Woman Trap, The Show of Shows

1930:  Second Choice, Playing Around, She Couldn’t Say No, The Case of Sergeant Grischa, The Divorcee, The Big House, The Bat Whispers

1931:  Corsair

1932:  Cock of the Air, The Miracle Man, Sinners In The Sun, Red-Headed Woman, Breach of Promise

1933:  Blondie Johnson, Infernal Machine, Tomorrow At Seven, Golden Harvest, King For A Night

1934:  Let’s Talk It Over, Gift of Gab, Embarassing Moments, The Gay Bride

1935:  Society Doctor, I’ve Been Around, Princess O’Hara, Public Hero Number 1, Pursuit

1936:  There Godfathers, Moonlight Murder, Frankie and Johnny, Counterfeit, They Met In A Taxi

1937:  Devil’s Playground, I Promise To Pay, Flight From Glory

1938:  Law of the Underworld, Sky Giant, Smashing The Rackets

1939:  Pacific Liner, Blind Alley, Five Came Back, Thunder Afloat

1940:  The Marines Fly High, Wagons Westward, Girl From God’s Country

1941:  Meet Boston Blackie, No Hands On the Clock, Confessions of Boston Blackie

1942:  Canal Zone, Alias Boston Blackie, I Live On Danger, Boston Blackie Goes Hollywood, Wrecking Crew

1943:  After Midnight With Boston Blackie, Aerial Gunner, High Explosive, The Chance of a Lifetime, Tornado

1944:  Gambler’s Choice, Secret Command, One Mysterious Night, Double Exposure

1945:  Rough Tough and Ready, Boston Blackie Booked on Suspicion, Boston Blackie’s Rendezvous

1946:  One Way To Love, A Close Call or Boston Blackie, The Phantom Thief, Boston Blackie and the Law

1947:  Blind Spot

1948:  Trapped By Boston Blackie

1949:  Boston Blackie’s Chinese Venture

1955:  Unchained

1956:  The She-Creature

1970:  The Great White Hope


Died:  September 11, 1970, New Hope, Pennsylvania.