Charlotte Rampling

Born:  February 5, 1946, Sturmer, England.


1964:  A Hard Day’s Night

1965:  The Knack…And How to Get it, Rotten To The Core

1966:  Georgy Girl

1967:  The Long Duel

1968:  Sequestro Di Persona

1969:  Target: Harry, The Damned, Three

1971:  ‘Tis Pity She’s A Whore, The Ski Bum

1972:  Corky, Asylum, Henry VIII And His Six Wives

1973:  Giordano Bruno

1974:  Zardoz, The Night Porter, Caravan To Vaccares

1975:  The Flesh of the Orchid, Yuppi du, Farewell My Lovely, Jackpot

1976:  The Far Side of Paradise

1977:  The Purple Taxi, Orca

1980:  Stardust Memories

1982:  The Verdict

1984:  Long Live Life

1985:  He Died With His Eyes Open, Tristesse Et Beaute

1986:  Max Mon Amour

1987:  Angel Heart, Mascara

1988:  D.O.A., Paris By Night

1990:  Rebus

1993:  Hammers Over The Anvil

1994:  Time Is Money

1996:  Asphalt Tango, Invasion of Privacy

1997:  The Wings of the Dove

1999:  The Cherry Orchard

2000:  Signs & Wonders, Aberdeen, Under The Sand

2001:  The Fourth Angel, Superstition, Spy Game

2002:  Summer Things

2003:  I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead, Swimming Pool, The Statement

2004:  Immortal (Ad Vitam), Jerusalemski Sindrom, The Keys To The House

2005:  Lemming, Heading South

2006:  Basic Instinct 2, Twice Upon A Time

2007:  Angel, Chaotic Ana

2008:  Deception, Babylon A.D., The Duchess

2009:  All About Actresses, Blame It On Mum, Boogie Woogie, The Invisible Woman, Life During Wartime

2010:  StreetDance 3D, Never Let Me Go, Rio Sex Comedy

2011:  The Mill And The Cross, Melancholia, The Eye of the Storm

2012:  I Anna, Cleanskin, All About You

2013:  Night Train To Lisbon, Young & Beautiful, The Sea

2014:  Portrait of the Artist

2015:  The Forbidden Room, 45 Years (Oscar Nomination: Best Actress)

2016:  Seances, Sculpt, Assassin’s Creed

2017:  The Sense of An Ending, Waiting For The Miracle To Come, Hannah, Euphoria

2018:  The Little Stranger, Voyez Comme On Danse, Red Sparrow