Cecil Kellaway

Born:  August 22, 1893, Cape Town, South Africa.


1918:  Bond and Word

1933:  The Hayseeds

1937:  It Isn’t Done, Wise Girl

1938:  Everybody’s Doing It, Double Danger, Night Spot, Maid’s Night Out, This Marriage Business, Law of the Underworld, Blond Cheat, Smashing The Rackets, Tarnished Angel, Annabel Takes A Tour

1939:  Gunga Din, Wuthering Heights, Mr. Chedworth Steps Out, The Sun Never Sets, Man About Town, The Under-Pup, Intermezzo, We Are Not Alone

1940:  Mexican Spitfire, The Invisible Man Returns, The House of the Seven Gables, Adventure in Diamonds, Phantom Raiders, Brother Orchid, Pop Always Pays, The Mummy’s Hand, Diamond Frontier, Mexican Spitfire Out West, The Letter, South of Suez, Lady With Red Hair

1941:  West Point Widow, A Very Young Lady, Burma Convoy, New York Town, Birth of the Blues, Appointment For Love, The Night of January 16th, Bahama Passage

1942:  The Lady Has Plans, Star Spangled Rhythm, Take A Letter Darling, Small Town Deb, Are Husbands Necessary, Night In New Orleans, I Married A Witch, My Heart Belongs To Daddy

1943:  Forever And A Day, The Crystal Ball, It Ain’t Hay, The Good Fellows

1944:  Frenchman’s Creek, Mrs. Parkington, And Now Tomorrow, Practically Yours

1945:  Love Letters, Kitty

1946:  The Postman Always Rings Twice, Easy To Wed, Monsieur Beaucaire, The Cockeyed Miracle

1947:  Unconquered, Always Together

1948:  The Luck Of The Irish  (Oscar Nomination: Best Supporting Actor), Joan of Arc, The Decision of Christopher Blake, Portrait of Jennie

1949:  Down to the Sea In Ships

1950:  The Reformer and the Redhead, Harvey, Kim

1951:  Katie Did It, Francis Goes To The Races, Half Angel, The Highwayman, Thunder In The East

1952:  Just Across The Street, My Wife’s Best Friend

1953:  Young Bess, The Beast From 20 000 Fathoms, Cruisin’ Down The River, Paris Model

1955:  The Prodigal, Interrupted Melody, Female on the Beach

1956:  The Toy Tiger, Johnny Trouble

1958:  The Proud Rebel

1959:  The Shaggy Dog

1960:  The Private Lives of Adam and Eve

1961:  Francis of Assisi, Tammy Tell Me True

1962:  Zotz!

1963:  The Cardinal

1964:  Hush Hush Sweet Charlotte, Quick Let’s Get Married

1966:  Spinout

1967:  The Adventures of Bullwhip Griffin, Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner (Oscar Nomination: Best Supporting Actor), Fitzwilly

1970:  Getting Straight


Died:  February 28, 1973, Hollywood, California.