Carroll Baker

Born:  May 28, 1931, Johnstown, Pennsylvania.


1953:  Easy To Love

1956:  Giant, Baby Doll (Oscar Nomination: Best Actress)

1958:  The Big Country

1959:  But Not For Me, The Miracle

1961:  Bridge To The Sun, Something Wild

1962:  How The West Was Won

1963:  Station Six-Sahara

1964:  The Carpetbaggers, Cheyenne Autumn

1965:  Sylvia, The Greatest Story Ever Told, Mister Moses, Harlow

1967:  Her Harem, Jack of Diamonds

1968:  The Sweet Body of Deborah

1969:  Paranoia, So Sweet So Perverse

1970:  A Quiet Place To Kill

1971:  The Fourth Victim, Captain Apache, The Devil With Seven Faces

1972:  Knife of Ice

1973:  The Devil Wtich, The Flower with the Deadly Sting

1974:  The Body

1975:  The Private Lesson, At Last At Last

1976:  As Of Tomorrow, Confessions of a Frustrated Housewife, Bait

1977:  Bad

1978:  Cyclone

1979:  The World Is Full Of Married Men, Bloodbath

1980:  The Watcher In The Woods

1983:  Star 80

1984:  The Secret Diary of Sigmund Freud

1986:  Native Son

1987:  Ironweed

1990:  Gipsy Angel, Kindergarten Cop

1991:  Blonde Fist

1992:  Cyber Eden

1995:  In The Flesh

1997:  The Game

1998:  Nowhere To Go