Cara Williams

Born:  June 29, 1925, Brooklyn, New York.


1941:  Wide Open Town

1942:  Girls’ Town

1943:  Happy Land

1944:  Sweet and Low-Down, In The Meantime Darling, Laura, Something For The Boys

1945:  Don Juan Quilligan, The Spider

1947:  Boomerang!

1948:  Sitting Pretty, The Saxon Charm

1949:  Knock On Any Door

1953:  The Girl Next Door, We Go To Monte Carlo

1954:  The Great Diamond Robbery

1956:  Meet Me In Las Vegas

1957:  The Helen Morgan Story

1958:  The Defiant Ones  (Oscar Nomination: Best Supporting Actress)

1959:  Never Steal Anything Small

1963:  The Man From the Diners Club

1971:  Doctors’ Wives

1977:  The White Buffalo

1978:  The One Man Jury