Burl Ives

Born:  June 14, 1909, Hunt City, Illinois

Died:  April 14, 1995, Anacortes, Washington


1946:  Smoky

1948:  Green Grass of Wyoming, Station West, So Dear To My Heart

1950:  Sierra

1955:  East of Eden

1956:  The Power and the Prize

1957:  A Face In the Crowd

1958:  Desire Under The Elms, The Big CountryWind Across The Everglades, Cat On A Hot Tin Roof

1959:  Day of the Outlaw, Our Man In Havana

1960:  Let No Man Write My Epitaph

1962:  The Spiral Road

1963:  Summer Magic

1964:  The Brass Bottle, Ensign Pulver

1966:  The Daydreamer

1967:  Those Fantastic Flying Fools

1968:  The Other Side of Bonnie and Clyde

1970:  The McMasters

1975:  Hugo The Hippo

1976:  Baker’s Hawk

1979:  Just You and Me Kid

1981:  Earthbound

1982:  White Dog

1986:  Uphill All The Way

1988:  Two Moon Junction


Academy Award:  Best Supporting Actor, The Big Country (1958)

Golden Globe Award:  Best Supporting Actor, The Big Country (1958)