Burgess Meredith

Born:  November 16, 1907, Cleveland, Ohio

Died:  September 9, 1997, Malibu, California


1935:  The Scoundrel

1936:  Winterset

1937:  There Goes The Groom

1938:  Spring Madness

1939:  Idiot’s Delight, Of Mice and Men

1940:  Castle on the Hudson, Second Chorus, San Francisco Docks

1941:  That Uncertain Feeling, Tom Dick and Harry

1942:  Street of Chance

1944:  Tunisian Victory

1945:  Story of G.I. Joe, A Walk In The Sun

1946:  The Diary of a Chambermaid, Magnificent Doll

1947:  Mine Own Executioner

1948:  On Our Merry Way

1949:  Jigsaw, The Gay Adventure

1950:  The Man on the Eiffel Tower

1957:  Joe Butterfly, Albert Schweitzer

1958:  The Kidnappers

1962:  Advise and Consent

1963:  The Cardinal

1965:  In Harm’s Way

1966:  Madame X, A Big Hand For The Little Lady, Batman: The Movie, The Crazy Quilt

1967:  Hurry Sundown, Torture Garden

1968:  Stay Away Joe, Skidoo

1969:  Mackenna’s Gold, Hard Contract, The Reivers

1970:  There Was A Crooked Man…, The Yin and the Yang of Mr. Go

1971:  Clay Pigeon, Such Good Friends

1972:  A Fan’s Notes, Beware The Blob, The Man

1974:  Hay Que Matar A B., Golden Needles

1975:  The Day of the Locust92 In The Shade, The Master Gunfighter, The Hindenburg

1976:  Burnt Offerings, Rocky

1977:  The Sentinel, Golden Rendezvous, The Manitou

1978:  Foul Play, The Great Bank Hoax, Magic

1979:  Rocky II

1980:  When Time Ran Out…, Final Assignment

1981:  The Last Chase, Clash of the Titans, True Confessions

1982:  Rocky III

1983:  Dexter The Dragon & Bumble the Bear, Twilight Zone: The Movie

1984:  Zebulon Pike and the Blue Mountain

1985:  Santa Clause: The Movie

1987:  King Lear

1988:  Hot To Trot, Full Moon In Blue Water

1990:  Oddball Hall, State of Grace, Rocky V

1993:  Grumpy Old Men

1994:  Camp Nowhere

1995:  Tall Tale, Across The Moon, Grumpier Old Men


Academy Award Nominations:  Best Supporting Actor, The Day of the Locust (1975); Rocky (1976)

Golden Globe Award Nomination:  Best Supporting Actor, The Day of the Locust (1975)

Emmy Award:  Best Supporting Actor-Comedy/Drama Special, Tail Gunner Joe (1977)
Nomination: Best Supporting Actor-Comedy/Drama Special, The Last Hurrah (1978)