Bruce Davison

Born:  June 28, 1946, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


1969:   Last Summer

1970:  The Strawberry Statement

1971:  Willard, Been Down So Long It Looks Like Up To Me

1972:  The Jerusalem File, Ulzana’s Raid

1974:  Mame

1976:  Mother Jugs & Speed, Grand Jury

1977:  Short Eyes

1978:  French Quarter, Brass Target

1981:  High Risk

1982:  Summer Heat

1984:  Crimes of Passion

1985:  Lies, Spies Like Us

1986:  The Ladies Club

1987:  The Misfit Brigade

1989:  Longtime Companion

1991:  Steel and Lace

1993:  Am Ambush Of Ghosts, Short Cuts, Six Degrees of Separation

1994:  Homage

1995:  Far From Home: The Adventures of Yellow Dog, The Skateboard Kid 2, The Cure, The Baby-Sitters Club

1996:  It’s My Party, Grace Of My Heart, The Crucible

1997:  Lovelife

1998:  Paulie, Apt Pupil

1999:  At First Sight

2000:  The King Is Alive, X-Men

2001:  Crazy/Beautiful, Summer Catch

2002:  High Crimes, Dahmer

2003:  X-Men 2, Manfast, Runaway Jury

2004:  Evergreen

2005:  Hate Crime, Deadly Secrets, Going Shopping, Touched

2006:  Special Ops: Delta Force, The Dead Girl

2007:  Breach

2009:  La Linea-The Line, Passengers, Christmas Angel

2010:  Arctic Blast, Camp Hell

2011:  Munger Road, Coffin, God Don’t Make The Laws

2012:  Return of the Killer Shrews, The Millionaire Tour, The Lords of Salem, Stealing Roses, Brother White

2013: Saving Lincoln, Words and Pictures, Beyond the Heavens

2014:  A Schizophrenic Love Story, Persecuted, 37, 108 Stitches

2015:  Black Beauty

2016:  Get A Job, The Curse of Sleeping Beauty, The Bronx Bull, Fishes ‘n Loaves: Heaven Sent, Displacement, Bender, Tao of Surfing, Star Trek: Captain Pike, Love Kills

2017:  9/11, Yamasong: March of the Hollows, A Violent Man, The Last Rampage, The Slider

2018:  Insidious: The Last Key, Abnormal Attraction, Along Came The Devil, Corbin Nash, A Fairy’s Game, Any Bullet Will Do

2019:  Wish Man, The Great Alaskan Race, Itsy Bitsy, Along Came The Devil 2, More Beautiful For Having Been Broken

2020:  Influence, Pearl, Await The Dawn, Alone, We Still Say Grace

2021:  My True Fairytale


Academy Award Nomination:  Best Supporting Actor, Longtime Companion (1990)

Golden Globe Awards:  Best Supporting Actor, Longtime Companion (1990); Special Award, Short Cuts (1993)

Emmy Award Nomination:  Best Guest Actor-Drama, Touched By An Angel (1998)

Venice Film Festival Award:  Special Volpi Cup, Short Cuts (1993)