Broderick Crawford

Born:  December 9, 1911, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Died:  April 26, 1986, Rancho Mirage, California


1937:  Woman Chases Man

1938:  Start Cheering

1939:  Ambush, Sudden Money, Undercover Doctor, Beau Geste, Island of Lost Men, The Real Glory, Eternally Yours, Slightly Honorable

1940:  I Can’t Give You Anything But Love Baby, When The Daltons Ride, Seven Sinners, Trail of the Vigilantes, Texas Rangers Ride Again

1941:  The Black Cat, Tight Shoes, Badlands of Dakota, South of Tahiti

1942:  North To the Klondike, Butch Minds The Baby, Broadway, Larceny Inc, Men of Texas, Sin Town

1946:  The Runaround, Black Angel

1947:  Slave Girl, The Flame

1948:  The Time Of Your Life, Sealed Verdict

1949:  Bad Men of Tombstone, A Kiss In The Dark, Night Unto Night, Anna Lucasta, All The King’s Men

1950:  Cargo To Capetown, Convicted, Born Yesterday

1951:  The Mob

1952:  Scandal Sheet, Lone Star, Rainbow ‘Round My Shoulder, Stop You’re Killing Me

1953:  Last of the Comanches, The Last Posse

1954:  Night People, Human Desire, Down Three Dark Streets

1955:  New York Confidential, Big House USA, Not As A Stranger, Il Bidone

1956:  The Fastest Gun Alive, Between Heaven and Hell

1958:  The Decks Ran Red

1960:  Goliath and the Dragon

1961:  Square of Violence

1962:  Convicts 4

1963:  The Castilian, No Temas a la Ley

1964:  A House Is Not A Home

1965:  Up From The Beach

1966:  Kid Rodelo, Mutiny At Fort Sharpe, The Oscar, The Texican, The Vulture

1967:  Red Tomahawk

1970:  Ransom Money, Hell’s Bloody Devils, Mir Hat Es Immer Spass Gemacht, Gregorio and His Angel, The Yin and the Yang of Mr. Go, Maharlika

1972:  Embassy, The Candidate

1973:  Terror In The Wax Museum

1976:  Won Ton Ton: The Dog Who Saved Hollywood

1977:  Ningen No Shomei, The Private Files of J. Edgar Hoover

1979:  The Hughes Mystery, A Little Romance

1980:  Harlequin, There Goes The Bride

1981:  The Uppercrust, Liar’s Moon, The Creature Wasn’t Nice


Academy Award:  Best Actor, All The King’s Men  (1949)

Golden Globe Award:  Best Actor, All The King’s Men (1949)