Brian Donlevy

Born:  February 9, 1901, Cleveland, Ohio

Died:  April 5, 1972, Woodland Hills, California


1924:  Damaged Hearts, Monsieur Beaucaire

1925:  School For Wives

1926:  A Man Of Quality

1929:  Gentlemen of the Press, Mother’s Boy

1935:  Barbary Coast, Mary Burns Fugitive, Another Face

1936:  Strike Me Pink, 13 Hours By Air, Human Cargo, Half Angel, High Tension, 36 Hours To Kill, Crack-Up

1937:  Midnight Taxi, This Is My Affair, Born Reckless, In Old Chicago

1938:  Battle of Broadway, We’re Going To Be Rich, Sharpshooters

1939:  Jesse James, Union Pacific, Beau GesteBehind Prison Gates, Allegheny Uprising, Destry Rides Again

1940:  The Great McGinty, When The Daltons Rode, Brigham Young

1941:  I Wanted Wings, Billy the Kid, Hold Back The Dawn, South of Tahiti, Birth of the Blues

1942:  The Remarkable Andrew, Two Yanks In Trinidad, A Gentleman After Dark, The Great Man’s Lady, Wake Island, The Glass Key, Nightmare, Stand By For Action

1943:  Hangmen Also Die, The Miracle of Morgan’s Creek

1944:  An American Romance

1945:  Duffy’s Tavern

1946:  The Virginian, Our Hearts Were Growing Up, Canyon Passage, Two Years Before the Mast

1947:  The Beginning or the End, Song of Scheherezade, The Trouble With Women, Kiss of Death, Heaven Only Knows, Killer McCoy

1948:  A Southern Yankee, Command Decision

1949:  The Lucky Stiff, Impact

1950:  Shakedown, Kansas Raiders

1951:  Fighting Coast Guard, Slaughter Trail

1952:  Hoodlum Empire, Ride The Man Down

1953:  Woman They Almost Lynched

1955:  The Big Combo, The Quatermass Xperiment

1956:  A Cry In The Night

1957:  Enemy From Space, Escape From Red Rock

1958:  Cowboy

1959:  Juke Box Rhythm, Never So Few

1960:  Girl In Room 13

1961:  The Errand Boy

1962:  The Pigeon That Took Rome

1965:  Curse of the Fly, How To Stuff A Wild Bikini

1966:  The Fat Spy, Waco, Gammera The Invincible

1967:  Five Golden Dragons, Hostile Guns

1968:  Arizona Bushwhackers, Rogue’s Gallery

1969:  Pit Stop


Academy Award Nomination:  Best Supporting Actor, Beau Geste (1939)


Photo by Film Star Vintage