Berenice Bejo

Born:  July 7, 1976, Buenos Aires, Argentina


1996:  Les Soeurs Hamlet

2000:  The Captive, Passionnement, Most Promising Young Actress

2001:  A Knight’s Tale

2002:  Like An Airplane, 24 Hours In The Life of a Woman

2003:  Sans Elle…, Dissonances, Dans Le Rouge Du Couchant

2004:  The Great Role

2005:  Cavalcade

2006:  OSS 117: Cairo Nest of Spies

2007:  13 m2, La Maison

2008:  Modern Love, Bouquet Final

2010:  Prey

2011:  The Artist

2012:  Populaire

2013:  The Scapegoat, The Past

2014:  The Last Diamond, The Search

2015:  The Childhood of a Leader

2016:  Sweet Dreams, After Love, Eternity

2017:  Godard Mon Amour, Three Peaks, To the Top

2018:  The Extraordinary Journey of the Fakir, Funan, The Quietude, Nothing To Hide

2020:  The Lost Prince, A Friendly Tale


Academy Award Nomination:  Best Supporting Actress, The Artist (2011)

Golden Globe Award Nomination:  Best Supporting Actress, The Artist (2011)

Cannes Film Festival Award:  Best Actress, The Past (2013)

Screen Actors Guild Award Nominations:  Outstanding Motion Picture Cast, The Artist (2011); Best Supporting Actress, The Artist (2011)


Photo by Georges Biard