My Old Addiction

Movie Reviews By Bil Antoniou

Arthur Kennedy

Born:  February 17, 1914, Worcester, Massachusetts.


1940:  City For Conquest

1941:  High Sierra, Knockout, Strange Alibi, Bad Men of Missouri, Highway West, They Died With Their Boots On

1942:  Desperate Journey

1943:  Air Force

1944:  Resisting Enemy Interrogation

1946:  Devotion

1947:  Boomerang, Cheyenne

1949:  The Walking Hills, The Window, Champion (Oscar Nomination: Best Supporting Actor), Too Late For Tears, Chicago Deadline

1950:  The Glass Menagerie

1951:  Bright Victory  (Oscar Nomination: Best Actor), Red Mountain

1952:  Bend of the River, Rancho Notorious, The Girl In White, The Lusty Men

1954:  Impulse

1955:  Crashout, The Man From Laramie, The Desperate Hours, Trial  (Oscar Nomination: Best Supporting Actor), The Naked Dawn

1956:  The Rawhide Years

1957:  Peyton Place  (Oscar Nomination: Best Supporting Actor)

1958:  Twilight For The Gods, Some Came Running (Oscar Nomination: Best Supporting Actor)

1959:  Home Is The Hero, A Summer Place

1960:  Elmer Gantry

1961:  Claudelle Inglish, Murder She Said, Barabbas

1962:  Hemingway’s Adventures of a Young Man, Lawrence of Arabia

1964:  Attack and Retreat, Cheyenne Autumn

1965:  Murieta, Joy In The Morning

1966:  Nevada Smith, Fantastic Voyage

1967:  Monday’s Child

1968:  Day of the Evil Gun, Un Minuto Per Pregare Un Istante Per Morire, Anzio

1969:  Hail Hero, Shark

1971:  My Old Man’s Place

1973:  Baciamo le Mani, Ricco

1974:  The Man From Independence, The Living Dead at Manchester Morgue, The Antichrist

1975:  La Polizia Ha Le Mani Legate

1976:  The Tough Ones, As Of Tomorrow, Emmanuelle On Taboo Island

1977:  The Sentinel, Nine Guests For A Crime

1978:  Gli Ultimi Angeli, Cave of the Sharks, Cyclone, Dirty World, Covert Action

1979:  The Humanoid

1989:  Signs of Life

1990:  Grandpa


Died:  January 5, 1990, Branford, Connecticut.