Art Carney

Born:  November 4, 1918, Mount Vernon, New York.


1941:  Pot O’Gold

1964:  The Yellow Rolls Royce

1967:  A Guide For The Married Man

1974:  Harry and Tonto  (Oscar Winner:  Best Actor)

1975:  W.W. and the Dancekings

1976:  Won Ton Ton: The Dog Who Saved Hollywood

1977:  The Late Show

1978:  House Calls, Movie Movie

1979:  Ravagers, Steel, Sunburn, Going In Style

1980:  Defiance, Roadie

1981:  Take This Job and Shove It, St. Helens

1983:  Better Late Than Never

1984:  Firestarter, The Naked Face, The Muppets Take Manhattan

1988:  Night Friend

1993:  Last Action Hero


Died:  November 9, 2003, Chester, Connecticut.