Armin Mueller-Stahl

Born:  December 17, 1930, Tilsit, Germany


1956:  Heimliche Ehen

1960:  Funf Patronenhulsen

1962:  Royal Children, …und Deine Liebe Auch

1963:  Nackt Unter Wolfen, Christine

1964:  Preludio 11, Alaskafuchse

1967:  A Lord of Alexander Square

1970:  Todlicher Irrtum

1972:  Der Dritte, Januskopf

1973:  Die Hosen des Ritters Bredow

1974:  Kit & Co., Jacob The Liar

1976:  Nelken In Aspik

1977:  The Flight

1981:  Lola

1982:  Veronika Voss, The Lite Trap, Die Flugel Der Nacht

1983:  Glut, Viadukt, Un Dimanche de Flic, The Wounded Man, A Love In Germany, Trauma

1984:  Rita Ritter, Tausend Augen

1985:  Colonel Redl, Angry Harvest, Die Mitlaufer, Vergesst Mozart, The Assault of the Present on the Rest of Time

1986:  Momo

1987:  Der Joker

1988:  Killing Blue

1989:  Spider’s Web, C*A*S*H: A Political Fairy Tale, A Hecc, Music Box

1990:  Avalon

1991:  Night on Earth, Kafka, Bronstein’s Children

1992:  Utz, The Power of One, Far From Berlin

1993:  Red Hot, Der Kinoerzahler, The House of the Spirits

1994:  Taxandria, Holy Matrimony, The Last Good Time

1995:  A Pyromaniac’s Love Story, Theodore Rex

1996:  ShineConversation With The Beast, The Ogre

1997:  The Game, The Assistant, The Peacemaker

1998:  The Commissioner, The X Files

1999:  The Thirteenth Floor, The Third Miracle, Jakob The Liar

2000:  Mission To Mars, Pilgrim

2001:  The Long Run

2004:  The Story of an African Farm, The Dust Factory

2006:  Local Color, I Am The Other Woman

2007:  Eastern Promises

2008:  Buddenbrooks

2009:  The International, Angels & Demons, Leningrad

2015:   Knight of Cups


Academy Award Nomination:  Best Supporting Actor, Shine (1996)

Berlin Film Festival Awards:  Best Actor, Utz (1992); Berlinale Camera (1997); Honorary Golden Berlin Bear (2011)

Screen Actors Guild Award Nomination:  Outstanding Motion Picture Cast, Shine (1996)


Photo by Manfred Werner (Tsui)