Anthony Quinn

Born:  April 21, 1915, Chihuahua, Mexico

Died:  June 3, 2001, Boston, Massachusetts


1936:  The Milky Way, Parole!, Sworn Enemy, The Plainsman, Night Waitress

1937:  Swing High Swing Low, Waikiki Wedding, Under Strange Flags, The Last Train From Madrid, Partners In Crime, Daughter of Shanghai

1938:  The Buccaneer, Dangerous To Know, Tip-Off Girls, Hunted Men, Bulldog Drummond In Africa, King of Alcatraz

1939:  King of Chinatown, Union Pacific, Island of Lost Men, Television Spy

1940:  Emergency Squad, Parole Fixer, Road To Singapore, The Ghost Breakers, City For Conquest, Texas Rangers Ride Again

1941:  Knockout, Thieves Fall Out, Blood and Sand, Bullets For O’Hara, They Died With Their Boots On, The Perfect Snob

1942:  Larceny Inc., Road To Morocco, The Black Swan

1943:  The Ox-Bow Incident, Guadalcanal Diary

1944:  Buffalo Bill, Ladies of Washington, Roger Trouhy Gangster, Irish Eyes Are Smiling

1945:  China Sky, Where Do We Go From Here, Back To Bataan

1947:  California, The Imperfect Lady, Black Gold, Tycoon

1951:  The Brave Bulls, Mask of the Avenger

1952:  Viva Zapata!The World In His Arms, The Brigand, Against All Flags

1953:  Fatal Desire, City Beneath The Sea, Seminole, Ride Vaquero, East of Sumatra, Blowing Wild, Funniest Show On Earth

1954:  Angels of Darkness, The Long Wait, La Strada, Ulysses, Attila

1955:  The Magnificent Matador, The Naked Street, Seven Cities of Gold

1956:  Lust For LifeMan From Del Rio, The Hunchback of Notre Dame, The Wild Party

1957:  The River’s Edge, The Ride Back, Wild Is The Wind

1958:  Hot Spell, The Black Orchid

1959:  Warlock, Last Train From Gun Hill

1960:  Heller In Pink Tights, The Savage Innocents, Portrait in Black

1961:  The Guns of Navarone, Barabbas

1962:  Requiem For A Heavyweight, Lawrence of Arabia

1964:  The Visit, Behold A Pale Horse, Zorba The Greek

1965:  A High Wind In Jamaica, Marco The Magnificent

1966:  Lost Command

1967:  The 25th Hour, The Happening, The Rover

1968:  Guns for San Sebastian, The Magus, The Shoes of the Fisherman

1969:  The Secret of Santa Vittoria, A Dream of Kings

1970:  A Walk In The Spring Rain, R.P.M., Flap

1972:  Across 110th Street

1973:  Deaf Smith & Johnny Ears, The Don Is Dead

1974:  The Destructors

1976:  High Rollers, The Message, The Inheritance

1977:  Target of an Assassin

1978:  The Greek Tycoon, Caravans, The Children of Sanchez

1979:  The Passage

1980:  Lion Of the Desert

1981:  The Salamander, High Risk

1982:  Valentina, Regina Roma

1988:  Stradivari

1989:  A Man of Passion, Ghosts Can’t Do It

1990:  Revenge

1991:  A Star For Two, Jungle Fever, Only The Lonely, Mobsters

1993:  Last Action Hero

1994:  Somebody To Love

1995:  A Walk In the Clouds

1996:  Seven Servants

1997:  The Mayor

1999:  Tierra de Canones

2000:  Oriundi

2002:  Avenging Angelo


Academy Awards:  Best Supporting Actor, Viva Zapata (1952); Lust For Life (1956)
Nominations:  Best Actor, Wild Is The Wind (1957); Zorba the Greek (1964)

Golden Globe Award:  Cecil B. DeMille Award, 1987
Nominations:  Best Supporting Actor, Lust For Life (1956); Best Actor-Drama, Lawrence of Arabia (1962); Zorba the Greek (1964); Best Actor-Musical/Comedy, The Secret Of Santa Vittoria (1969); Best Supporting Actor-TV, Gotti (1996)

Emmy Award Nomination:  Best Supporting Actor-Miniseries/Special, Onassis: The Richest Man In The World (1988)


Photo by John Mathew Smith &