Anouk Aimee

Born:  April 27, 1932, Paris, France


1947:  La Maison Sous La Mer, La Fleur De L’Age

1949:  The Lovers Of Verona

1950:  Golden Salamander

1952:  The Curious Adventures of Mr. Wonderbird, The Paris Express

1955:  Contraband Spain, Noche de Tormenta, Bad Liaisons

1956:  Il Suche Dich, Nina

1957:  Stresemann, Lovers of Paris, Anyone Can Kill Me

1958:  Modigliani Of Montparnasse

1959:  The Journey, Head Against The Wall, The Chasers

1960:  La Dolce Vita, The Joker

1961:  Lola, Unexpected, Quai Notre-Dame, The Last Judgment

1962:  Sodom and Gomorrah

1963:  8 1/2, The Shortest Day, Of Flesh and Blood, The Terrorist, Il Successo

1964:  Liola, White Voices

1965:  La Fuga, Il Morbidone

1966:  Seasons of Our Love, A Man And A WomanLo Scandalo

1967:  Live For Life

1968:  Un Soir Un Train

1969:  Model Shop, The Appointment, Justine

1976:  Second Chance

1978:  Mon Premier Amour

1980:  A Leap In The Dark

1981:  Tragedy of a Ridiculous Man

1982:  Qu’est-ce Qui Fait Courir David

1983:  The General of The Dead Army

1984:  Long Live Life, Success Is The Best Revenge

1986:  A Man And A Woman: 20 Years Later

1988:  Goodbye and Thank You, Turning Table

1990:  Bethune: The Making of a Hero

1993:  Rupture(s), Les Marmottes

1994:  Ready To Wear

1995:  One Hundred and One Nights, Dis-Moi Oui

1996:  Hommes Femmes Mode D’Emploi

1998:  Riches Belles Etc.

1999:  1999 Madeleine, Une Pour Toutes

2001:  Festival In Cannes

2003:  The Birch Tree Meadow

2004:  And They Lived Happily Ever After

2006:  Hotel Harabati

2009:  Celle Que J’Aime

2010:  What War May Bring, Paris Connections

2011:  Tous Les Soleils

2012:  Mince Alors!

2019:  The Best Years of a Life


Academy Award Nomination:  Best Actress, A Man And A Woman (1966)

Golden Globe Award:  Best Actress-Drama, A Man And A Woman (1966)

Berlin Film Festival Award:  Honorary Golden Berlin Bear (2003)

Cannes Film Festival Award:  Best Actress, A Leap In The Dark (1980)


Photo by Georges Biard