Anne Archer

Born:  August 24, 1947, Los Angeles, California


1972:  The Honkers, Cancel My Reservation

1973:  The All-American Boy

1976:  Trackdown, Lifeguard

1978:  Black Tigers, Paradise Alley

1980:  Hero At Large, Raise The Titanic

1981:  Green Ice

1982:  Waltz Across Texas

1984:  The Naked Face

1985:  Too Scared To Scream

1986:  The Check Is In The Mail…

1987: Fatal Attraction

1990: Love At Large, Narrow Margin, Eminent Domain

1992:  Patriot Games

1993:  Body of Evidence, Family Prayers, Short Cuts

1994:  The Last Days of Paradise, Clear and Present Danger

1996:  Mojave Moon

1998:  Nico The Uniform

2000:  Innocents, Whispers: An Elephant’s Tale, Rules of Engagement, The Art of War

2002: The Gray In Between

2003:  Uncle Nino

2004:  November

2005:  Man of the House, The Iris Effect

2006:  End Game, Cut Off

2008:  Felon

2009:  Ghosts of Girlfriend Past

2014:  Lullaby

2017:  Trafficked


Academy Award Nomination:  Best Supporting Actress, Fatal Attraction (1987)

Golden Globe Award:  Special Award for Ensemble Acting, Short Cuts (1993)
Nomination:  Best Supporting Actress, Fatal Attraction (1987)

Venice Film Festival Award:  Special Volpi Cup for Ensemble Acting, Short Cuts (1993)