Ann Sothern

Born:  January 22, 1909, Valley City, North Dakota

Died:  March 15, 2001, Ketchum, Idaho


1927:  Broadway Nights

1929:  The Show of Shows

1930:  Song of the West, Good News, Forward March, The March of Time, Whoopee!

1933:  Broadway Thru A Keyhole, Let’s Fall In Love

1934:  Melody In Spring, The Hell Cat, Blind Date, The Party’s Over, Kid Millions

1935:  The Man From The Folies Bergere, Eight Bells, Hooray For Love, The Girl friend, Grand Exit

1936:  You May Be Next!, Hell-Ship Morgan, Don’t Gamble With Love, My American Wife, Walking On Air, Smartest Girl In Town

1937:  Dangerous Number, There Goes My Girl, Fifty Roads To Town, Super-Sleuth, Danger-Love At Work, Ali Baba Goes To Town, There Goes The Groom, She’s Got That Swing

1938:  Trade Winds

1939:  Maisie, Hotel For Women, Fast and Furious, Joe and Ethel Turp Call On The President

1940:  Congo Maisie, Brother Orchid, Gold Rush Maisie, Dulcy

1941:  Maisie was A Lady, Cash and Carry, Lady Be Good

1942:  She Got Her Man, Panama Hattie

1943:  Three Hearts For Julia, The Girl In Overalls, Thousands Cheer, Cry ‘Havoc’

1944:  You Can’t Do That To Me

1946:  Up She Goes

1947:  Undercover Girl, Indian Summer

1948:  April Showers, Words and Music

1949:  A Letter To Three Wives

1950:  Nancy Goes To Rio, Shadow on the Wall

1953:  The Blue Gardenia

1964:  The Best Man, Lady In a Cage

1965:  Sylvia

1967:  Chubasco

1968:  Family Affair

1973:  The Killing Kind

1974:  Golden Needles

1975:  Crazy Mama

1977:  The Manitou

1979:  The Little Dragons

1987:  The Whales of August


Academy Award Nomination:  Best Supporting Actress, The Whales of August (1987)

Golden Globe Award:  Television Achievement, The Ann Sothern Show (1958)
Nomination:  Best Supporting Actress, The Best Man (1964)

Emmy Award Nominations:  Best Actress, Private Secretary (1955); Private Secretary (1956); Best Comedienne (1956); Best Continuing Performance-Comedienne, Private Secretary (1957); Best Actress-Comedy, The Ann Sothern Show (1959)