Akim Tamiroff

Born:  October 29, 1899, Tiflis, Russian Empire.

Died:  September 17, 1972, Palm Springs, California.


1932:  Okay America

1933:  Clear All Wires, Gabriel Over The White House, Professional Sweetheart, Storm At Daybreak, The Devil’s In Love

1934:  Queen Christina, Fugitive Lovers, The Scarlet Empress, Sadie McKee, The Great Flirtation, Whom The Gods Destroy, Straight Is The Way, Now and Forever, Chained, The Merry Widow, Lady By Choice, The Captain Hates the Sea

1935:  Here Is My Heart, The Lives of a Bengal Lancer, The Winning Ticket, Rumba, Naughty Marietta, Black Fury, Reckless, Go Into Your Dance, Paris In Spring, China Seas, Ladies Love Danger, The Gay Deception, The Big Broadcast of 1936, Two Fisted, The Last Outpost

1936:  The Story of Louis Pasteur, Desire, Woman Trap, Anthony Adverse, The General Died At Dawn I Loved A Soldier

1937:  The Jungle Princess, Her Husband Lies, The Soldier and the Lady, King of Gamblers, The Great Gambini, High Wide and Handsome, This Way Please

1938:  The Buccaneer, Dangerous To Know, Spawn of the North

1939:  Ride A Crooked Mile, Paris Honeymoon, King of Chinatown, Union Pacific, The Magnificent Fraud, Honeymoon in Bali, Disputed Passage

1940:  The Way of All Flesh, Untamed, The Great McGinty, North West Mounted Police

1941:  Texas Rangers Ride Again, New York Town, The Corsican Brothers

1942:  Reap The Wild Wind, Tortilla Flat

1943:  Five Graves To Cairo, For Whom The Bell TollsHis Butler’s Sister

1944:  The Miracle of Morgan’s Creek, The Bridge of San Luis Rey, Dragon Seed

1945:  Can’t Help Singing

1946:  Pardon My Past, A Scandal In Paris

1947:  Fiesta, The Gangster

1948:  My Girl Tisa, Relentless

1949:  Outpost In Morocco, Black Magic

1953:  Desert Legion

1954:  They Who Dare, You Know What Sailors Are

1955:  Cartouche, La Vedova X, Confidential Report

1956:  The Black Sleep, Anastasia

1957:  Battle Hell

1958:  Touch of Evil, Me and the Colonel

1959:  Desert Desperados

1960:  Ocean’s 11

1961:  La Moglie Di Mio Marito, Bondage Gladiator Sexy, Romanoff and Juliet, The Last Judgment

1962:  Seduction of the South, Tartar Invasion, Invasion 1700, The Reluctant Saint

1963:  The Trial, A Queen For Caesar

1964:  The Black Tulip, Panic Button, Topkapi

1965:  Spuit Elf, the Dolls, Lord Jim, Crime on a Summer Morning, Alphaville, Marco The Magnificent, Blue Panther, The Liquidator

1966:  Adultery Italian Style, LT. Robin Crusoe USN, I Nostri Mariti, After the Fox, Un Gangster Venuto da Brooklyn, Hotel Paradiso

1967:  The Vulture, A Rose For Everyone, Monsieur Lecoq

1968:  The Girl Who Couldn’t Say No, A Man Called Amen, Great Catherine

1969:  100 Rifles, Marquis de Sade’s Justine, The Great Bank Robbery, Death of a Jew

1972:  Don Quixote


Academy Award Nominations: Best Supporting Actor, The General Died At Dawn (1937); Best Supporting Actor, For Whom The Bell Tolls (1943)

Golden Globe Award: Best Supporting Actor, For Whom The Bell Tolls (1943)


Photo by Koch, Eric / Anefo, Wikimedia Commons