Adrien Brody

Born:  April 14, 1973, Woodhaven, New York.


1989:  New York Stories

1991:  The Boy Who Cried Bitch

1993:  King of the Hill

1994:  Angels In The Outfield

1995:  Ten Benny

1996:  Solo, Bullet

1997:  The Last Time I Committed Suicide, The Undertaker’s Wedding, Six Ways To Sunday

1998:  Restaurant, The Thin Red Line

1999:  Summer of Sam, Oxygen, Liberty Heights

2000:  Bread and Roses, Harrison’s Flowers

2001:  Love The Hard Way, The Affair of the Necklace

2002:  Dummy, The Pianist (Oscar Winner: Best Actor)

2003:  The Singing Detective

2004:  The Village

2005:  The Jacket, King Kong

2006:  Hollywoodland

2007:  The Darjeeling Limited

2008:  The Passion Within, The Brothers Bloom, Cadillac Records

2009:  Giallo, Splice, Fantastic Mr. Fox

2010:  High School, Predators, The Experiment, Wrecked

2011:  Detachment, Midnight In Paris

2012:  Back To 1942

2013:  InAPPropriate Comedy, Third Person

2014:  The Grand Budapest Hotel, American Heist

2015:  Dragon Blade, Backtrack, Septembers of Shiraz

2016:  Manhattan Night

2017:  Bullet Head

2018:  Air Strike