Oscar 1952

Marlon Brando — Viva Zapata! {“Emiliano Zapata”}
* Gary Cooper — High Noon {“Will Kane”}
Kirk Douglas — The Bad and the Beautiful {“Jonathan Shields”}
José Ferrer — Moulin Rouge {“Toulouse-Lautrec”}
Alec Guinness — The Lavender Hill Mob {“Holland”}

Richard Burton — My Cousin Rachel {“Philip Ashley”}
Arthur Hunnicutt — The Big Sky {“Zeb Callaway”}
Victor McLaglen — The Quiet Man {“Red Will Danaher”}
Jack Palance — Sudden Fear {“Lester Blaine”}
* Anthony Quinn — Viva Zapata! {“Eufemio Zapata”}

* Shirley Booth — Come Back, Little Sheba {“Lola Delaney”}
Joan Crawford — Sudden Fear {“Myra Hudson”}
Bette Davis — The Star {“Margaret Elliot”}
Julie Harris — The Member of the Wedding {“Frankie Addams”}
Susan Hayward — With a Song in My Heart {“Jane Froman”}

* Gloria Grahame — The Bad and the Beautiful {“Rosemary Bartlow”}
Jean Hagen — Singin’ in the Rain {“Lina Lamont”}
Colette Marchand — Moulin Rouge {“Marie Charlet”}
Terry Moore — Come Back, Little Sheba {“Marie Loring”}
Thelma Ritter — With a Song in My Heart {“Clancy”}

ART DIRECTION (Black-and-White)
* The Bad and the Beautiful — Art Direction: Cedric Gibbons, Edward Carfagno; Set Decoration: Edwin B. Willis, Keogh Gleason
Carrie — Art Direction: Hal Pereira, Roland Anderson; Set Decoration: Emile Kuri
My Cousin Rachel — Art Direction: Lyle Wheeler, John DeCuir; Set Decoration: Walter M. Scott
Rashomon — Art Direction: Matsuyama; Set Decoration: H. Motsumoto
Viva Zapata! — Art Direction: Lyle Wheeler, Leland Fuller; Set Decoration: Thomas Little, Claude Carpenter

Hans Christian Andersen — Art Direction: Richard Day, Clave; Set Decoration: Howard Bristol
The Merry Widow — Art Direction: Cedric Gibbons, Paul Groesse; Set Decoration: Edwin B. Willis, Arthur Krams
* Moulin Rouge — Art Direction: Paul Sheriff; Set Decoration: Marcel Vertes
The Quiet Man — Art Direction: Frank Hotaling; Set Decoration: John McCarthy, Jr., Charles Thompson
The Snows of Kilimanjaro — Art Direction: Lyle Wheeler, John DeCuir; Set Decoration: Thomas Little, Paul S. Fox

CINEMATOGRAPHY (Black-and-White)
* The Bad and the Beautiful — Robert Surtees
The Big Sky — Russell Harlan
My Cousin Rachel — Joseph LaShelle
Navajo — Virgil E. Miller
Sudden Fear — Charles B. Lang, Jr.

Hans Christian Andersen — Harry Stradling
Ivanhoe — F. A. Young
Million Dollar Mermaid — George J. Folsey
* The Quiet Man — Winton C. Hoch, Archie Stout
The Snows of Kilimanjaro — Leon Shamroy

COSTUME DESIGN (Black-and-White)
Affair in Trinidad — Jean Louis
* The Bad and the Beautiful — Helen Rose
Carrie — Edith Head
My Cousin Rachel — Charles LeMaire, Dorothy Jeakins
Sudden Fear — Sheila O’Brien

The Greatest Show on Earth — Edith Head, Dorothy Jeakins, Miles White
Hans Christian Andersen — Clave, Mary Wills, Madame Karinska
The Merry Widow — Helen Rose, Gile Steele
* Moulin Rouge — Marcel Vertes
With a Song in My Heart — Charles LeMaire

Five FingersJoseph L. Mankiewicz
The Greatest Show on Earth — Cecil B. DeMille
High NoonFred Zinnemann
Moulin RougeJohn Huston
* The Quiet ManJohn Ford

The Hoaxters — Dore Schary, Producer
Navajo — Hall Bartlett, Producer
* The Sea around Us — Irwin Allen, Producer

DOCUMENTARY (Short Subject)
Devil Take Us — Herbert Morgan, Producer
The Garden Spider (Epeira Diadema) — Alberto Ancilotto, Producer
Man Alive! — Stephen Bosustow, Executive Producer
* Neighbours — Norman McLaren, Producer

Come Back, Little Sheba — Warren Low
Flat Top — William Austin
The Greatest Show on Earth — Anne Bauchens
* High Noon — Elmo Williams, Harry Gerstad
Moulin Rouge — Ralph Kemplen

MUSIC (Music Score of a Dramatic or Comedy Picture)
* High Noon — Dimitri Tiomkin
Ivanhoe — Miklos Rozsa
Miracle of Fatima — Max Steiner
The Thief — Herschel Burke Gilbert
Viva Zapata! — Alex North

MUSIC (Scoring of a Musical Picture)
Hans Christian Andersen — Walter Scharf
The Jazz Singer — Ray Heindorf, Max Steiner
The Medium — Gian-Carlo Menotti
Singin’ in the Rain — Lennie Hayton
* With a Song in My Heart — Alfred Newman

MUSIC (Song)
“Am I In Love” from Son of Paleface — Music and Lyrics by Jack Brooks
“Because You’re Mine” from Because You’re Mine — Music by Nicholas Brodszky; Lyrics by Sammy Cahn
* “High Noon (Do Not Forsake Me, Oh My Darlin’)” from High Noon — Music by Dimitri Tiomkin; Lyrics by Ned Washington
“Thumbelina” from Hans Christian Andersen — Music and Lyrics by Frank Loesser
“Zing A Little Zong” from Just for You — Music by Harry Warren; Lyrics by Leo Robin

* The Greatest Show on Earth — Cecil B. DeMille, Producer
High Noon — Stanley Kramer, Producer
Ivanhoe — Pandro S. Berman, Producer
Moulin Rouge — Romulus Films
The Quiet Man — John Ford and Merian C. Cooper, Producers

* Johann Mouse — Fred Quimby, Producer
Little Johnny Jet — Fred Quimby, Producer
Madeline — Stephen Bosustow, Executive Producer
Pink and Blue Blues — Stephen Bosustow, Executive Producer
Romance of Transportation — Tom Daly, Producer

Athletes of the Saddle — Jack Eaton, Producer
Desert Killer — Gordon Hollingshead, Producer
* Light in the Window: The Art of Vermeer — Boris Vermont, Producer
Neighbours — Norman McLaren, Producer
Royal Scotland — Crown Film Unit

Bridge of Time — London Film Production
Devil Take Us — Herbert Morgan, Producer
Thar She Blows! — Gordon Hollingshead, Producer
* Water Birds — Walt Disney, Producer

* Breaking the Sound Barrier — London Film Sound Department
Hans Christian Andersen — Samuel Goldwyn Studio Sound Department, Gordon Sawyer, Sound Director
The Promoter — Pinewood Studios Sound Department
The Quiet Man — Republic Studio Sound Department, Daniel J. Bloomberg, Sound Director
With a Song in My Heart — 20th Century-Fox Studio Sound Department, Thomas T. Moulton, Sound Director

* Plymouth Adventure — Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer

WRITING (Motion Picture Story)
* The Greatest Show on Earth — Fredric M. Frank, Theodore St. John, Frank Cavett
My Son John — Leo McCarey
The Narrow Margin — Martin Goldsmith, Jack Leonard
The Pride of St. Louis — Guy Trosper
The Sniper — Edna Anhalt, Edward Anhalt

WRITING (Screenplay)
* The Bad and the Beautiful — Charles Schnee
Five Fingers — Michael Wilson
High Noon — Carl Foreman
The Man in the White Suit — Roger MacDougall, John Dighton, Alexander Mackendrick
The Quiet Man — Frank S. Nugent

WRITING (Story and Screenplay)
The Atomic City — Sydney Boehm
Breaking the Sound Barrier — Terence Rattigan
* The Lavender Hill Mob — T. E. B. Clarke
Pat and Mike — Ruth Gordon, Garson Kanin
Viva Zapata! — John Steinbeck

* Forbidden Games – Best Foreign Language Film first released in the United States during 1952.

To George Alfred Mitchell for the design and development of the camera which bears his name and for his continued and dominant presence in the field of cinematography.
To Joseph M. Schenck for long and distinguished service to the motion picture industry.
To Merian C. Cooper for his many innovations and contributions to the art of motion pictures.
To Harold Lloyd, master comedian and good citizen.
To Bob Hope for his contribution to the laughter of the world, his service to the motion picture industry, and his devotion to the American premise.

Cecil B. DeMille