Oscar 1928/1929

[NOTE:  There were no announcements of nominations, no certificates of nomination or honorable mention, and only the winners (*) were revealed during the awards banquet on April 3, 1930. Though not official nominations, the additional names in each category, according to in-house records, were under consideration by the various boards of judges.]


George Bancroft — Thunderbolt {“Thunderbolt Jim Lang”}
* Warner Baxter — In Old Arizona {“The Cisco Kid”}
Chester Morris — Alibi {“No. 1065, Chick Williams”}
Paul Muni — The Valiant {“James Dyke”}
Lewis Stone — The Patriot {“Count Pahlen”}

Ruth Chatterton — Madame X {“Jacqueline Floriot”}
Betty Compson — The Barker {“Carrie”}
Jeanne EagelsThe Letter {“Leslie Crosbie”}
Corinne Griffith — The Divine Lady {“Emma Hart, Lady Hamilton”}
Bessie Love — The Broadway Melody {“Hank Mahoney”}
* Mary Pickford — Coquette {“Norma Besant”}

Hans Dreier — The Patriot
* Cedric Gibbons — The Bridge of San Luis Rey
Mitchell Leisen — Dynamite
William Cameron Menzies — Alibi; and The Awakening
Harry Oliver — Street Angel

George Barnes — Our Dancing Daughters
* Clyde De Vinna — White Shadows in the South Seas
Arthur Edeson — In Old Arizona
Ernest Palmer — Four Devils; and Street Angel
John Seitz — The Divine Lady

Lionel Barrymore — Madame X
Harry Beaumont — The Broadway Melody
Irving Cummings — In Old Arizona
* Frank Lloyd — The Divine Lady
Frank Lloyd — Drag; and Weary River
Ernst Lubitsch — The Patriot

Feature Productions — Alibi
Fox — In Old Arizona
* Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer — The Broadway Melody
Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer — Hollywood Revue
Paramount Famous Lasky — The Patriot

Tom Barry — In Old Arizona; and The Valiant
Elliott Clawson — The Cop; The Leatherneck; Sal of Singapore; and Skyscraper
Hans Kraly — The Last of Mrs. Cheyney
* Hans Kraly — The Patriot
Josephine Lovett — Our Dancing Daughters
Bess Meredyth — A Woman of Affairs; and Wonder of Women