My Brother’s Shoes (2015)


Bil’s rating (out of 5): 0

USA, 2015. . Screenplay by Adam Reeves. Cinematography by . Produced by , , Derek Zemrak. Music by . Production Design by . Costume Design by . Film Editing by .  Podcast: Bad Gay Movies

Empathy is a lesson that two brothers fail to learn from each other, so fate and a magic coin step in to help out after gay bartender Austin asks his straight advertising executive brother Dallas to come see him in a drag competition that means a lot to him. Dallas actually has to spend the evening with his wife because they’re struggling to have a baby and want to make the most of her ovulation window, but Austin believes he’s not coming because he is not willing to accept him for who he is.

A mysterious man who overhears Austin complaining gives him a lucky coin and, when both brothers wish that the other one could see what his life is like for just a day, they instantly wake up in switched bodies. Now Austin has to give a presentation that is crucial to his brother’s job and Dallas has to learn how to walk in high heels, which is nothing compared to the task that Austin has to pull off when he gets home to the sweet wife. Filmed on a non-existent budget with no technical sense of how either lighting, sound or human interaction works, this monstrosity is humorless, charmless and very badly acted.

Perhaps there could be a message about tolerance and understanding that could be gleaned from even this level of bad film production, but writer-director Adam Reeves doesn’t actually give either character the opportunity to experience much in the other one’s shoes, Austin apparently puts on a great presentation after a few minutes of studying but we see it played out with a musical soundtrack over it, while Dallas spends the whole movie disgusted about the idea of doing drag and in the end makes an attempt that goes very badly; the character of Austin’s best friend Jamie spends far too much of the film telling Dallas what a great generous guy he is for being such a good brother, but we never see what exactly it is that makes him so great (he’s not the one to has to have sex with a woman after all).

Embarrassing to watch and just as boring, this is a nightmare to get through.

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