More The Merrier (2021)


Bil’s rating (out of 5): BB.5

Original Title: Donde Caben Dos

/, 2021. , , . Screenplay by Paco Caballero, , , . Cinematography by . Produced by . Production Design by . Costume Design by . Film Editing by .

A high-end swingers club is the setting for this carnally-fixated ensemble comedy, in which a series of couples, whose devotion to each other is in various degrees of distress, go to explore fantasies that might restore their spark. One is a newly committed couple who are indulging her desire to have sex with strangers, which gets tricky for her boyfriend when the couple they choose to swap partners with turns out to include his ex-wife. Two women show up for the second night in a row after having nearly torn the place apart in a bachelorette party the night before, and one of them has come back to find the engagement ring that she lost. Then there’s one of the club’s employees, who brings her straitlaced cousin to her workplace to get him to loosen up and be his old, wild self again, while in the room that features a glory-hole wall, a young man, recently dumped by his boyfriend, enjoys the oral attention of a kind stranger with whom he begins to strike up some friendly chatter. In the only portion of the story that doesn’t take place within this “Club Paradiso”, two middle-aged couples are having a small dinner party, the wives having no idea that the husbands are hoping to switch wives for the night, initiating a raunchy game of Truth Or Dare that leads to quite the unexpected results.

It’s 2021 and director Paco Caballero has made the naughtiest film of 1971, this comedy pretends to be delivering the next level in cinematic sexual permissiveness when it actually has a very conservative spirit. There’s a heavy emphasis on heterosexuality (including the girl-girl action, which is performed for the male gaze), the gorgeous extras wandering the beautifully lit sexual labyrinth all look like suspiciously attractive (and therefore asexual) print-ad models, and when the plot actually tries to think outside the box and get a little transgressive about sex, it for some reason chooses incest as the way to go (which it treats in a very straightforward manner). Even more aggravating is the tired, middle-class attitude of people who allow themselves to enjoy sex being punished with heavy emotional realizations, nobody who comes to this fantasy playland to explore their sensual side is actually freed by doing so, nor does a single person (and this is the part that is really hard to believe) go there simply because they like it (and if they do it’s played for laughs). Indulge yourself if you will, but remember that this is a Saturday night film for people who enjoy confession on a Sunday morning.

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