Crutch (2004)


Bil’s rating (out of 5): B

USA, 2004. . Screenplay by , Rob Moretti. Cinematography by . Produced by , Rob Moretti, . Music by . Costume Design by , . Film Editing by Jennifer Erickson, Rob Moretti. Podcast: Bad Gay Movies.

To have such a miserable story told in such an unappealing manner makes for difficult viewing, for between the awkward direction, bad acting and flat cinematography there’s little to glean from director Rob Moretti’s mining his own personal story of addiction and doomed romance.  David is growing up in an unhappy home with a philandering father and an alcoholic mother (neither of which are presented convincingly) and finds that the only time he feels good about himself is in drama class with his girlfriend.  The class is taught by Kenny (played by Moretti), who takes David under his wing and, eventually, into his bed, a relationship which soon becomes as disastrous as David’s home life when Kenny’s jealousy over his acting success sees him resume a previously conquered drug habit.  A great deal of highly dramatic moments are performed in situations that never seem credible and are only ever interesting as context for how outrageous this movie’s situations are.

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