Pink Narcissus (1971)


Bil’s rating (out of 5): BBB

USA, 1971. , . Screenplay by James Bidgood. Cinematography by James Bidgood. Produced by James Bidgood. Music by , . Production Design by James Bidgood. Film Editing by Martin Jay Sadoff.

As far as narrative goes, this colourful fantasia is for the most part formless, with the emphasis by director “Anonymous” (later revealed to be James Bidgood) on an innovative visual style. A dewy young man awaits his next sexual assignation in his room and imagines himself in various erotic circumstances, a scene in ancient Rome here, a middle-eastern harem there, then contemplates his own life cruising the streets of the big city among men in various forms of undress. Featuring a relentless soundtrack that sometimes reaches the point of irritation (and was a sore point for Bidgood, who was angry that the producers released the film before he was finished it), it’s a remarkable accomplishment considering that just about everything you see on screen was filmed in the same apartment repurposed with various backgrounds and sets. At only an hour long it cannot offend anyone wanting to see it for its riper content, while for those who love experimental film it’s a definite must-see.

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