Multiple Maniacs (1970)


Bil’s rating (out of 5): BBB.5

USA, 1970. . Screenplay by . Cinematography by John Waters. Produced by John Waters. Music by . Production Design by . Film Editing by John Waters.

John Waters writes, shoots, directs and edits the gleeful anarchy of his second feature, which features all the bad taste and ironic humour that has never disappointed his fans, and features the star charisma of that always made his movies so special. She runs a carnival of sorts in a park, luring unsuspecting “normal” Baltimore residents in to spectacles promising the sight of gay men kissing, lesbian fantasies, a man eating his own vomit and other such liberal pastimes.  The show is capped off with the celebrated stylings of Lady Divine herself, who actually bursts onto the stage and holds everyone hostage for their wallets and purses. Her husband, the show’s carnival barker, runs off with a beautiful bottle blonde and Divine must go after him, but on the way to the restaurant where she knows he is on a date she is assaulted by drug addicts and raped on the street. This prompts a religious conversion that sees her go to church and narrate Christ’s passion while, of course, having a rosary inserted in her ass by . The climax is a mass murder in the living room that is accented with the appearance of a giant lobster that attacks our star, who then takes to the streets like a movie monster and runs after unsuspecting children. Beautifully restored to show off the crisp monochrome photography, this outrageous film is incredibly funny.

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