Death To Prom (2014)


Bil’s rating (out of 5): 0

USA, 2014. Screenplay by Matthew Stenerson. Cinematography by Jeremy Wilker. Produced by Matthew Stenerson, Jeremy Wilker. Production Design by . Costume Design by . Film Editing by .

Movies about teenagers and the dramatic circumstances surrounding prom are in great supply, but it’s hard to imagine that many of them feature the lack of talent on display in this painfully performed and poorly directed film. Rene dreams of being a fashion photographer and spends his free time with his best friend Frankie as they come up with concepts for photoshoots. When a new student named Sasha begins attending their school, they both find themselves attracted to him and his sporty physique; Sasha returns their desire with friendship for both, but likes girls and prefers Frankie.  The school has its senior prom coming up and is in need of an organizer, so Rene, despite not being sure if he even wants to attend, takes over the job and drives the planning committee nuts while making Frankie promise that she’ll be his date to the big event. A series of melodramatic twists and turns occur before we get to the ending and they mostly make no sense, though this is hard to notice since the actors, who couldn’t be less inspired if they were reading off cue cards, don’t bring any spirit to the foolishness they are enacting. This is one to be avoided at any cost.

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