Role/Play (2010)


Bil’s rating (out of 5): B.5

USA, 2010Screenplay by Rob Williams.  Cinematography by Produced by , , Rob Williams.  Music by Film Editing by . Podcast: Bad Gay Movies

Two sworn opposites find themselves isolated at a Palm Springs resort and have a difficult first encounter that quickly turns to lust and love.  Graham () is a soap opera star who was recently outed when someone leaked a sex tape of him and his ex-boyfriend.  Trey (Matthew Montgomery) is a gay-marriage advocate whose recent divorce has weakened his position as a leader on the issue, and he has further gripes with the likes of celebrities like Graham who stay closeted for the sake of their career.  After upbraiding each other on their views of life, the two guys end up bumpin’ uglies in their rooms since, it seems, there’s no one else at this resort besides the manager, and they keep parading their perfectly fit, sculpted bodies around in the nude.  It would be wonderful to say that a film that combines sexy imagery with an intimate character study whose dialogue is infused with important topical conversations really pulls off each element smoothly, but all it really manages to do successfully is indulge in some steamy shots of these two guys feeling each other up.  The actors have a friendly chemistry and do their best, but the writing is painfully trite and never accompanies its lecturing with any kind of tension, their careers are not convincingly portrayed and the stakes are perpetually low throughout.

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