Aleksandr’s Price (2013)


Bil’s rating (out of 5): 0

USA, 2013, .   Screenplay by Pau Masó.    Cinematography by David Damen.    Produced by Pau Masó.  Music by .    Costume Design by .    Film Editing by Pau Masó.  Podcast: Bad Gay Movies.

Pau Maso stars, writes and co-directs himself as Aleksandr, a Russian immigrant in New York City who has been left on his own by tragic circumstances.  His mother brought him and his sister there to look for his father, who abandoned them years earlier, but at the beginning of the film Aleksandr tells his therapist that his sister left, his mother committed suicide and now he is alone in a country where he’s not legal to work.  Getting a job as a go-go dancer, Aleksandr eventually falls into escort work but can’t reconcile sex for money with his own loneliness, which he brings into the bedroom with his clients.  Clashing badly with his one friend and having dangerous experiences by trusting the wrong men, he seems on a downward spiral to his doom if only he could figure out…what?  It’s hard to know in this execrably bad film whose dialogue and scenes travel in circles and never coming up with anything particularly insightful or even sensible about the main character’s plight.  The details of its world fail to convince, from the sympathetic but unprofessional therapist to the character’s fundamental inability to understand how sex work operates, and other than a few nice scenes of sexy imagery, the operation is a painfully boring one.

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