Greetings (1968)


Bil’s rating (out of 5): BB.5

USA, 1968.   Screenplay by , Brian De Palma.  Cinematography by Produced by Charles HirschMusic by , , Film Editing by Brian De Palma.  

Brian De Palma’s first feature Murder A La Mod was an experimental student film compared to his first real foray into commercial filmmaking, a pleasant comedy exploring anti-Vietnam sentiment focusing on three best friends.  The boys, one of them played by a debuting Robert de Niro, help each other in tricking the draft board at a preliminary hearing (the old pretending to be gay routine), then spend the weeks waiting to get the results bounding about New York City, having wild (and surprisingly graphic) sex or meeting strange characters on the street.  At times amusing, at other times deathly dull, it has value as the beginning of two great careers as well as, in its lack of a fancy production budget, capturing the spirit and style of the time.

Berlin Film Festival: In Competition

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