The Houseboy (2007)


Bil’s rating (out of 5): BB

USA, 2007.   Screenplay by Spencer Schilly.   Cinematography by Produced by Derek Curl.   Music by Film Editing by Spencer Schilly.   Podcast: Bad Gay Movies.

Ricky () is the third in a cozy relationship that has been enjoying a menage a trois for a whole year, but his two boyfriends are going home for the holidays and can’t take him along because it would be too much to explain to the parents.  Agreeing to housesit for the other two while they’re gone, he accidentally hears DJ tell Simon that he’s ready to trade Ricky in for a new model and Ricky, despondent at the news, takes it very hard.  Making plans to commit suicide on Christmas Eve, he spends his free time either bumming around the apartment or trolling the internet for men who come over for quick and cold trysts.  Walks to the park put him in the way of Blake, a friendly young man who might be a healthy alternative for Ricky’s dark plans, but he’s not used to healthy connections and threatens to ruin that too.  Something of a gay version of Le Feu Follet, it could pass as a minor tone poem on a character’s depression if it was the least bit introspective or insightful of its main character’s inner life.  Mostly it just feels like an excuse for its kinky setup, which it doesn’t have a good enough time exploring, and for opportunities to get boys naked, which it enjoys to the point of it not always making sense.

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