Before The Fall (2016)


Bil’s rating (out of 5): 0

USA, 2016Screenplay by Byrum Geisler, based on the novel Pride and Prejudice by Cinematography by . Produced by , Brandon Garza, Byrum Geisler, Music by . Film Editing by Alex Bice, Brandon Garza, Byrum Geisler.  Podcast:  Bad Gay Movies.

This flat drama bills itself as an adaptation of Pride and Prejudice with a gay twist, but aside from approximating the character names and the basic frame of their relationships, it possesses neither the wit or the sharp character observation of Jane Austen’s masterpiece.

Ben Bennett is a single lawyer who hosts a meet and greet at his home for Chuck Bingley, the newly appointed head of their small town’s charity board.  Chuck brings Lee Darcy along with him, a recovering alcoholic that he has been sponsoring, and Ben immediately becomes smitten with the melancholy, handsome man before being distracted by fellow lawyer George Wickham.

Meanwhile, Chuck falls madly in love with Ben’s best friend Jane, which leads to a series of endless scenes of hikes in the woods in which all these characters interact without much coming out of it;  aside from the fact that the dialogue is incredibly boring (a cardinal sin for anyone claiming to be adapting Jane Austen), there’s no tension between anyone thanks to there being no context to any of the characters.

‘s performance as Ben has nothing to give a nothing part, the stakes are impossibly low considering we barely get a sense of his even noticing ‘s Darcy let alone falling in love with him.  The rest of the cast are fully confused about what they’re doing and the ending is preposterous.

One thought on “Before The Fall (2016)

  1. Agreed. If you’re going to do a modern gay Pride and Prejudice you should at least have the decency to include an argument between the leads during a Pride Parade. Sad pianos and mopey closet cases do not a comedy of manners make.

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