A Colt Is My Passport (1967)


Bil’s rating (out of 5): BBB.5

Original title:  Koruto wa ore no pasupooto

, 1967Screenplay by , , based on the novel by Cinematography by .    Produced by Music by Production Design by Film Editing by .

Sterling example of the kind of action films being produced by Nikkatsu of the time, that worked well with audience taste and made producers happy (as opposed to the more controversial works by Seijun Suzuki, like Branded To Kill).  is, what else, a contract killer who is hired to take out a mob boss, which he does.  When the deceased gangster’s goons come after him and his driver, the two men hit the road, hiding out at a seaside inn and making eyes with the tavern waitress before trying to escape from there.

These movies make their money on violence, so you can expect that escapes are never quite fast enough and things always boil down to a lengthy, loud shoot-out.  Curious camera angles and stylish black and white photography elevate a combination of gangster noir and spaghetti western into something that, while not unforgettable, makes for a satisfying watch.

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