Spider-Man: Homecoming (2017)


Bil’s rating (out of 5): BBBB.5.   

USA, 2017, , , , , , , , , , , .   Story by , , Screenplay by Jonathan Goldstein, John Francis Daley, Jon Watts, , , , based on the Marvel comic book by , , and Captain America created by , Cinematography by Produced by , Music by Production Design by Costume Design by Film Editing by , Washington Film Critics Awards 2017.

Following the introduction to this third cinematic Spider-Man reboot in Captain America: Civil War, Tom Holland’s interpretation of the character is given his first solo adventure and the result is the best film to feature the character since Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man 2. Robert Downey Jr.’s Tony Stark/Iron Man returns Peter Parker to his life in New York City, telling him to go back to his Sci-Tech-focused high school and await further instructions. Excited at the prospect of an Avengers internship, Parker avoids his friends or doing his homework because he’s anticipating the good things coming his way; the constant voicemails he leaves for Stark’s right hand man Happy () aren’t being returned, however, so he follows his days in school with nights spent sneaking out on his Aunt May (Marisa Tomei) to solve petty crimes on the streets of Queens. When he gets wind that a former construction boss (Michael Keaton) has gotten hold of alien technology and is using it to create doomsday weapons, Parker puts himself in serious danger by going after the bad guy in his anxiety to prove himself worthy of becoming an Avenger. The franchise has more than justified its return and increasingly younger recasting with this thrilling adventure, in which director Jon Watts gets everything right, from the vulnerabilities of Parker’s high school life (including a budding romance with a terrifying twist) to the self-effacing humour that lands exactly right every time it is applied. Holland’s tiny figure and boyish voice convince us that he really is in danger of being destroyed despite his super strength and impressive web-swinging moves, and there are sequences that are impressively scary, including a gasp-worthy near-death experience on the Washington Memorial, an amazing disaster aboard the Staten Island Ferry and a brilliant climax aboard an unmanned airplane.

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