Spies In Disguise (2019)


Bil’s rating (out of 5): BBBB.5.   

USA, 2019, , , .   Screenplay by , , based on the short film Pigeon: Impossible, story by ,  , , screenplay by Produced by , , . Music by .

World famous superspy Lance Sterling (Will Smith) is the one you call when you need to save the world, so you can imagine his frustration when he needs to get out of a tight squeeze and the ammo provided him by his tech department explodes in a glitter bomb (complete with sweet kitty images).  Its creator Walter () is a science genius who believes he can find a way to make warfare successful but not violent, spurred by his memories of his loving mother () who always believed his “weirdness” was his special gift.  As an adult, Walter hasn’t quite figured out how to fit in, no one at work has any patience for his odd ideas, least of all Lance who fires him and sends him home.  When an evil villain commits a major security breach pretending to be him, however, Lance becomes the target of an internal investigation and needs to find Walter and get his help clearing his name.  Walter sees this as the perfect opportunity to test the chemical disguise he has been developing, which Lance accidentally ingests and it turns him into a pigeon; the comedy that comes out of his fury for his transformation is gold, but being an unseen bird also becomes a very handy way of both of our heroes going after the bad guy.   The gorgeous production design contribute to a very enjoyable James Bond-like adventure, one whose bent but never vulgar humour makes it perfect for kids while amusing adults.  Stacked from top to bottom with laughs, thrills and even some good, warmhearted lessons about true friendship by the end.

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