Starcrash (1978)


Bil’s rating (out of 5): 0

USA, 1978Screenplay by , , additional dialogue to Cinematography by , Produced by Nat Wachsberger, Music by Production Design by Film Editing by

Bad Star Wars knockoffs were a dime a dozen after 1977, among the most ridiculous and impossible to believe being this cheap adventure from the Roger Corman studio. Alien and intergalaxy warrior are traveling through space in search of adventure when they happen upon a galactic emperor (Christopher Plummer) who needs their help. An evil villain is planning to build a doomsday machine that will end life in the universe and he’s hoping they’ll find the secret planet where the bad guy has hidden it, and while they’re at it possibly find out what happened to his missing son (). Between the terrible stop-motion animation of fantasy characters and the fact that Munro is far too willing to be skimpily dressed in the coldness of outer space, this movie is ridiculous to the point of almost unwatchable, but if you see it at a cult-minded screening you might just have a great time.

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