Freejack (1992)


Bil’s rating (out of 5): BB

USA, 1992Screen story by , , Screenplay by Steven Pressfield, Ronald Shusett, Cinematography by Produced by , Ronald Shusett.  Music by Production Design by Costume Design by Film Editing by .  

This silly, concept-laden science-fiction film could have accomplished suspending our disbelief if it were as imaginative as it is complicated. seems to have a hard time swallowing the idea himself, half-heartedly playing a contemporary race car driver who dies in a fiery blaze on the track and then wakes up more than a decade later. His body, it seems, was transferred through time by a futuristic billionaire (Anthony Hopkins) who wants to perform some kind of mind swap in order to extend his own life span, a procedure that Estevez narrowly escapes before breaking out of the lab and entering a strange and dangerous world (in this movie, 2009 looks more like Return to Oz than what actually happened in 2009). Trying to get his bearings in his new surroundings, Estevez seeks out his girlfriend (), who is now working for the man looking to colonize him, trying to save himself despite having no legal identity and being pursued by a villainous as a mercenary on a futuristic motorbike. The dowdy production design, sort of an uninspired Mad Max, and the unenthusiastic cast are a setback, seeing a similar film like Demolition Man two years later makes it so much more painful to watch a movie that lacks humour or whimsy (which is impressive considering it also features futuristic cars straight out of Woody Allen’s Sleeper).


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