Tumbledown (2013)


Bil’s rating (out of 5): B

USA, 2013Screenplay by , Cinematography by Todd Verow.  Produced by Brad Hallowell, Todd Verow.  Music by , Film Editing by Todd Verow.  Podcast: Bad Gay Movies.

Ground level-budgeted film that means to examine a disturbing, true life story from multiple angles a la Rashomon. A bartender in a small Maine community becomes friends with a mysterious stranger (director Todd Verow) and his younger boyfriend, going home with them and, after enjoying a threesome, is set to embark on a fun summer relationship until a later occasion goes awry. The truth about what happened on one particular night depends on who you ask: the bartender’s version is that he went to the couple’s house, found Verow alone and was drugged and raped by him, Verow’s is that the bartender was a willing participant and that the third member of the group had gone missing and his testimony in the matter is delayed. The performances aren’t too bad considering the poor quality of photography and production values on display here, but the real reason the film doesn’t work is that there aren’t enough differences between the stories to make it interesting, nor similarities enough to make the challenge credible. It feels like you’re just watching the same thing twice except with a different level of explicit content, then the third angle is mostly about something else.


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