Reap The Wild Wind (1942)


Bil’s rating (out of 5): BBBB.5

USA, 1942Screenplay by , , , based on a Saturday Evening Post story by Cinematography by , Produced by . Music by Production Design by , Hans DreierCostume Design by . Film Editing by .

Cecil B. DeMille combines Gone With The Wind and Jamaica Inn for a thrilling adventure bolstered by a dramatic love triangle. Feisty doesn’t care about her mother’s 1860s idea of feminine delicacy, happily throwing a sou’wester on and heading to her boat moored off their Florida property whenever a shipwreck has provided cargo that she can salvage and sell. She falls in love with a sailor () who is rescued from a wreck, but she can’t marry him because a pesky lawyer () keeps getting in her way. When she heads to Atlanta to take part in Milland’s investigation of a pirate () who is suspected of causing shipwrecks on purpose for his own profit, it puts her romantic issues smack dab in the middle of a criminal case that eventually is brought to a high-powered trial. The plot goes crazy places, from plantation barbeques to deep-sea dives involving giant squids, all of it shot beautifully in some of the loveliest Technicolour you’ve ever seen.  It’s also highly ridiculous nonsense, so make sure you turn off your brain because it’s great fun and the performances are solid.

Academy Award:  Best Special Effects
Nominations: Best Cinematography-Colour; Best Art Direction-Colour

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