Brass Target (1978)


Bil’s rating (out of 5): B.  

USA/West Germany/Switzerland, 1978.  Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer.  Screenplay by Alvin Boretz, based on the novel by Frederick Nolan.  Cinematography by Tony Imi.  Produced by Arthur Lewis.  Music by Laurence Rosenthal.  Production Design by Rolf Zehetbauer.  Costume Design by Monika Bauert.  Film Editing by David Lane.

George S. Patton is given the JFK treatment in a conspiracy thriller that is low on both conspiracies and thrills.  A treasure box of Nazi gold has been recovered and the general has ordered it to be sent to Frankfurt, but it’s intercepted along the way and stolen by what could possibly be crooked American soldiers.  The military gets wind that the thieves have hired an expert marksman (Max Von Sydow) to kill Patton and prevent his trying to recover the treasure, which prompts sending army detective John Cassavetes to Europe to try and catch him first.  Sophia Loren is underused as the lover of one of von Sydow’s victims in a film that tries to marry the seventies obsession with paranoid political thrillers with the equally popular trend of complex World War II dramas, but the combination is disastrously dull.  As sturdy and glamorous as these actors are, there isn’t a single interesting scene in the whole thing and it never takes off, it’s about as boring as any movie could possibly be.

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