Dating My Mother (2017)


Bil’s rating (out of 5): BB.5.  

USA, 2017.  DMM Movie.  Screenplay by Mike Roma.  Cinematography by Griffin Yu.  Produced by Ashley Hillis.  Music by Michael O’Konis.  Costume Design by Claire Heddles.  Film Editing by Mike Roma.   Podcast:  Bad Gay Movies.

Danny (Patrick Reilly) lives in New Jersey with his widowed mother Joan (Kathryn Erbe), having moved back in with her after his attempt to make it as a screenwriter in Hollywood has failed.  The two of them comfort each other for their disappointments in life, one creepy aspect of it the fact that they sleep in the same bed every night, until Joan decides to change things up.  She opens an online dating account and meets a lovely man (James Le Gros), her success with this venture highlighting Danny’s disappointment with his own career and love life, working a dull job at a local library and having a crush on a straight friend he used to know in high school.  Told with sympathy and care, this film has a great cast (perked up by a supporting performance by a luminous Kathy Najimy) and an appealing setting, but it lacks substance.  Every time Danny and Joan have an argument about anything serious, the film never clues in to the fact that there might be something underneath their rhetoric about pot-smoking or whether or not true love is a realistic goal, it’s a shallow movie whose quality actors (Erbe is particularly good) are struggling to give it depth.

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