American Translation (2011)


Bil’s rating (out of 5): BBB

, 2011.  Toloda.  Screenplay by , Pascal Arnold.  Cinematography by Jean-Marc Barr, .  Produced by Pascal Arnold, Jean-Marc Barr, .  Production Design by .  Costume Design by .  Film Editing by Jean-Marc Barr, Teddy Vermeulin. 

plays a young woman who is sitting at her restaurant table being lectured by her father (co-director Jean-Marc Barr) when she notices a handsome stranger () staring at her from the bar.  Sensing an instant connection with the young man, she immediately follows him out to his van and they fall into lust and then deeply into love as they hit the road.

She stays by his side through every experience despite the fact that he comes with more than his fair share of red flags:  forget the fact that he lives in his vehicle, that’s just the kind of anti-capitalist free spirit attitude that her cushy spoiled rich girl personality craves, but the fact that he likes to go off into the woods with male prostitutes and come back alone might be an actual problem.  She, however, is loyal, and to a certain extent he does possess a charisma that makes it easy to understand her amour fou.

Directors Barr and Pascal Arnold don’t quite find the right balance between exploration and exploitation in this modern-day Bonnie and Clyde, there’s a point where her choosing to see the good side of her sociopath boyfriend’s personality simply doesn’t make sense despite his having a rebellious charm about him that equals his physical appeal.

The thrill of seeing them constantly in flagrante delicto means that what this easily watchable film is really concerned with is indulging the fantasy of young gorgeous people breaking the rules, which would be fine if it wasn’t also trying to pass itself off as some kind of intellectual thesis on criminal behaviour (with pretentious title cards at the end that do little to encourage us to take the rest of it seriously).

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  1. I’ve wanted to watch this movie, for the longest time, along with “Nés en 68” (2008) & “Plein Sud” (2009). Pierre Perrier is a really good actor. But, I never got to watch any of them.
    At the same time, many reviews haven’t really said anything good about either. And now reading yours, too, I wonder, is this movie not worth the time.
    Anyway, I lost the interest I had at the time the film came out, but if I come across, I’ll have to see for myself. Born in 68′ is the only from the trio, I still have a real interest in checking out.
    By the way, am hosting a Blogathon for this month, hope you can join in.
    Nuwan Sen 🙂

    1. Bil Antoniou says:

      That would be lovely, I hope I can. Thanks so much for reading and for writing me! Whatever you can say about Pierre, he’s mega hot!!!

      1. Ha!! Ha!! He sure is!! 😀

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