Grimsey (2018)


Bil’s rating (out of 5):  BB

Spain, 2018.  Doce Entertainment, La Panda, Pony Films, Zentropa.  Screenplay by Richard García, Raúl Portero.  Cinematography by Richard García, Raúl Portero.  Produced by Pau Brunet, Richard García, Ángeles Hernández, David Krohnert, David Matamoros, Raúl Portero, Nacho San José.  Music by Victor Algora.  Film Editing by Richard García, Sergio Jiménez.  

Richard García and Raúl Portero direct and star as two Spanish men crossing the beautiful Icelandic landscape in search of a third.  Bruno (Garcia) has shown up in Reyjkjavik from Spain to find Norberto, a man we presume to be a lover, who was supposed to return from Iceland after a photo shoot but never came back.   A friend on the phone tells him about Arnau (Porter), a fellow Spaniard also living on the island who teams up with him on his search to find the missing man.  In an effort to present a kind of haunting enigma, the creative team actually obscure too many details to make this film engaging, presenting a character we know little of and whose quest is never really all that important to us.  An attempt to fill the gaps with dream sequences and minor quirky moments that are shot beautifully falters thanks to these scenes being given far too little context to actually resonate. The end result of Bruno’s search is actually a smart and well calculated turn of events, but by that point no emotional connection has been established between audience and protagonist and the film scores no points.  Opaque performances don’t help much, but the scenery is gorgeous.

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