Les Hautes Solitudes (1974)


Bil’s rating (out of 5):   BBB.  

, 1974.    Screenplay by .  Cinematography by Philippe Garrel.  Produced by Philippe Garrel.  Film Editing by Philippe Garrel.

Eighty minutes of ‘s face in silence doesn’t sound like the most exciting proposition, in fact it really doesn’t even feel like a film, but anyone with an interest in the figures involved should take a look at this experimental project.  Post-Nouvelle Vague filmmaker Philippe Garrel supplies the arthouse with his own version of an Andy Warhol feature, creating vague scenarios involving and model/actress but mostly centering around images of Seberg that some can read as documentary or just biographical.  At times, Seberg, displays a great deal of grief or despair, and it could be said that the privacy of this great figure of Hollywood tragedy is thoroughly violated, her vulnerabilities exploited by a camera that is mainly concerned with her beauty while she is dealing with her own misery.  Watching it after both Seberg and Nico have died and become now mythical figures of a period that is often fetishized by pop culture history at least gives the film a sense of archival value that might make up for such transgressions.  Garrel originally meant to screen the images with a music soundtrack but left the experience in silence after Seberg saw an early cut and said she preferred it that way.

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