Go Go G-Boys (2006)


Bil’s rating (out of 5):  B.  

Original title:  Dang wo men tong zai yi qi

Taiwan, 2006.  , .  Cinematography by .

Incomprehensible nonsense about a young man who needs money to pay off his girlfriend’s debts.  He sees the perfect opportunity in a reality TV beauty and music contest for gay men that his best friend is entering, deciding to hide his real identity and taking part, joining an undercover cop who is looking into anti-gay crimes and believes the culprit is among the contestants.  As the competition progresses (with some increasingly bizarre activities) and the stakes get higher, identity is challenged all around and leads to surprising revelations.  There are a few moments of clarity amid the confusion, including a son who is reconciled to what he thought was a cruel and unfeeling father, but for the most part it’s so poorly written and directed that it is hardly worth the effort.  The whole thing is shot like a bad game show or MTV montage and rarely hits a deeper than a commercial for your favourite junk food.

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