The Last Outpost (1935)


Bil’s rating (out of 5):   B.  

USA, 1935.  .  Screenplay by , adaptation by , , based on the short story The Drum by .  Cinematography by .  Produced by .  Music by , , , .  Production Design by Hans Dreier, .  Film Editing by .

A British soldier () being held prisoner in Kurdistan is freed by a sympathetic general () and the two of them wander into the battle-ravaged desert.  After saving a local village from being massacred, Grant is sent to hospital with a leg wound and falls in love with the nurse () who takes care of him, but she has bad news: she’s married and doesn’t know if her husband, whom she hasn’t seen in three years, is alive or dead.  What is sold to you as an adventure for youngsters is actually a boring love triangle whose soap opera hits predictable heights when the missing husband turns out to be Rains and the three of them have a lot of boring conversations about how awful they feel about it.  Michael is particularly dry in a ridiculous role that has her wearing a lot of gorgeous gowns in the middle of World War I; don’t watch this one unless you want to stare at Grant looking gorgeously disheveled for an hour and a half, because that is something he does extremely well.

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