One Night Of Love


(out of 5)

The tragically short film career of , who brought her operatic talents to the movies for only a few years before dying in a plane crash, is likely best remembered for her charming Oscar nominated performance in this groundbreaking musical.  The sound designers won a special achievement Oscar for their revolutionary work and the effect is impressive, it’s rare that a film from the early thirties has such a smooth transition between dialogue and musical scenes.  Moore plays an opera singer with stars in her eyes who goes to Italy to study music and ends up a singing waitress until the most important maestro of all time (, who is terrible) spots her and takes her under his wing.  He has decided to stop having personal affairs with his charges and trains her like a drill sergeant, giving her no time for a personal life and making her work night and day.  By the time she starts booking gigs, Moore starts to feel rebellious and Carminati has to admit that he has feelings for her.  The romantic subplot at the heart of the story is ridiculous, the leads couldn’t have less chemistry if he was a goldfish, and the idea that someone so talented would put romance above being successful at her work is just offensive, but the musical numbers are beyond outstanding.  Moore sparkles in numbers like “Ciri-Biri-Bin” and excerpted selections from Madame Butterfly and Carmen are completely worth the effort on their own.

USA, 1934

Directed by

Screenplay by ,, based on the story Don’t Fall In Love by ,  

Cinematography by

Produced by

Music by , Victor Schertzinger

Production Design by

Costume Design by

Film Editing by

Cast Tags:  , , , , , , , ,

Academy Awards
Best Music (Scoring) (Columbia Studio Music Department, Louis Silvers, head of department, thematic music by Victor Schertzinger, Gus Kahn)
Best Sound Recording (Columbia Studio Sound Department, John Livadary, sound director)
Scientific or Technical Award (To Columbia Pictures Corporation for their application of the Vertical Cut Disc Method (hill and dale recording) to actual studio production, with their recording of the sound on the picture One Night of Love.)

Best Actress (Grace Moore as “Mary”)
Best Directing (Victor Schertzinger)
Best Film Editing (Gene Milford)
Outstanding Production (Columbia)


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