Possessed (1947)


(out of 5)

 is madly in love with architect , but he’s had his fun with her and doesn’t want to get married.  She is devastated and goes back to her job as nurse to a mentally ill woman, then when that woman dies she marries the grieving widower () to make Heflin jealous.  All this really does is increase her own instability, especially when Heflin’s fear of monogamy is cured by Crawford’s gorgeous stepdaughter.  This attempt to recapture the glory of Mildred Pierce is only successful in that Crawford is once again excellent in the lead, but the technical perfection of the cinematography adds to the cold and clinical feel that director Curtis Bernhardt has for Crawford’s character. The obsession of such a complex and lively woman over this dapper but mostly dull man is never easy to understand (it’s not like she was rejected by Joel McCrea), and while seeming to want to explore the psyche of a disappointed and mistreated woman in the vein of Leave Her To Heaventhe film’s more ridiculous plot twists (and an out of place dream sequence) eventually make it a foolish treatise on old world notions of female hysteria.

USA, 1947

Directed by Curtis Bernhardt

Story by , Screenplay by

Cinematography by 

Produced by

Music by  

Production Design by

Costume Design by

Film Editing by

Academy Awards:  1947

Cannes Film Festival:  1947


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