People You May Know


(out of 5)

Four friends are tossed around by life’s uncertainties in this comedy-drama that never finds its footing.  Joe is obsessed with a man he met online but has never seen in person, experiencing casual trysts with Los Angeles men while holding this unavailable person up as an ideal.  Rodrigo and Delia are struggling to have a child and have their relationship put to the test when she accidentally gets pregnant with Joe’s baby while Rodrigo is in Spain, while Herbert is hopelessly shy and looking for love, which becomes possible after meeting a young man in the park.  Attractive cinematography and talented actors can’t really do much for the fact that J.C. Falcon’s bland potting has no art to it, the conflicts are either too few (Herbert meets a guy and it goes well, that’s not much for a movie to hang on) or not dealt with (getting pregnant by your gay ex-boyfriend is a big deal but mostly they just mope about it).  There’s little sense of these characters as friends between their personal crises in this dour film, making the whole thing about as meaningful and memorable as stalking someone on the Facebook feature that the title is referencing.  An excellent cameo by Almodovar superstar Carmen Maura is a highlight and might make it worth checking out for some, but her inclusion is among the most poorly integrated strands of the plot.

Listen to BGM’s episode on People You May Know, featuring the film’s star Mark Cirillo.


USA/Spain, 2016

Directed by

Screenplay by J.C. Falcon

Cinematography by

Produced by ,

Music by

Production Design by

Costume Design by

Film Editing by


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